Discover fascinating landscape photography with Kilian Schönberger

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Landscape photographer Kilian Schönberger invites you to change your perspective.

Leave everyday life behind and immerse in a world of unique moments. His photographic portfolio ranges from mysterious forests to rugged mountain landscapes to paradisiacal islands. His photographs are characterized by impressive light and fog atmospheres. “Kilian Schoenberger Photography” stands for the realization of photo campaigns in collaboration with international agencies and tourism associations, for opulent illustrated books, impressive workshops, interesting lectures and wide-coverage social media appearances. Schönberger wrote the most comprehensive German textbook on woodland photography. Since 2021, the photographer and geographer Kilian Schönberger is living and working in Upper Bavaria, Germany – between Lake Chiemsee and the Bavarian Alps. Originally he is from the Upper Palatinate in Eastern Bavaria. From 2006 to 2012, Schönberger studied geography in Bonn and Bergen (Norway). After that, Cologne was the center of his life until 2021.

Reading the Landscape: Connecting Photography & Geography

As a photographer, Kilian Schönberger has intensively explored almost all landscapes in Germany and Central Europe. As a geographer, he is not satisfied with simply photographing beautiful places; he also tries to understand the emergence of the subjects in front of the camera and how current developments like climate change affect landscapes right now. For him, the connection between nature and history is reflected in photographs. Kilian Schönberger sees a landscape as the sum of its natural and cultural past. Reading the landscape is important in order to understand both the ecological and the cultural heritage of a region. During photo tours and workshops, Kilian Schönberger is sharing his knowledge far beyond photography.


Partial colorblindness as strength: Unique imagery and composition detection

As a photographer Kilian Schönberger has an unusual perspective because the photographer is colorblind (deuteranopia – green blind). For him, color vision deficiency is not a handicap but a strength for his style of photography: In contrast to people with normal vision, colorblind people have better twilight vision and special skills in deciphering camouflage and patterns. Especially when it comes to forest photography, compositional skills and subject recognition are improved. So he combines his special view of our world with the camera’s technology, which works in the standard color spectrum. So his individual strength in the perception of the environment is combined with the camera’s technique which leads to a unique visual language. 

The photographer teaches in workshops and lectures how our color perception influences compositions and how we can take better photos by considering the color and structural information of a scene separately.