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Thank you for your interest in a photography workshop with me. Due to my long-term focus on Central Europe, I have probably photographed more intensively in Germany than almost anyone else during the last decade. For my illustrated books, I explored even the most remote corners intensively. So I know a lot about the diversity of Germany’s landscapes. So individual workshops are possible in all regions of Germany, but the preparation (driving distance, time frame, etc.) requires a little more planning than in my home area in Bavaria. Let me know your preferred region and your desired season/date per form below and I will try to design an offer tailored to you.


Where? Iindividual workshops in are possible anywhere in Germany except some islands – I have researched over 12,000 possible photo spots in Germany.
Due to the travel distances, planning requires a little more lead time than for the workshops in Bavaria – although I am very regular in many corners (Baltic Sea, West Germany, for example).

Who? The best supervision ratio is 1-2 participants. But up to 4 people are possible on request.

When? Please use the contact form to find a date for a very personal workshop.
Simply specify a date or a possible period for the half-day workshop and a target region.

How long? The half-day workshops for sunrise or sunset normally last around 4h.

Which price?
The prices vary slightly depending on the route, you will receive a calculation in the reply email to the contact form. Around 4xx – 5xx € for a sunrise or sunset workshop (~4h).

Full-day workshops?
Basically, these workshops are designed as half-day workshops, but of course day workshops are also possible. Simply provide a corresponding note in the form and I will plan a full-day event.

On the Road in Germany

Workshops for individuals and small groups are the best way to learn intensively and have all your questions answered.

Germany offers so many wonderful subjects. Castles, Mountains, woodlands, medieval towns and so on. Many of my illustrated books are about the landscapes in my home country and so I spent many years exploring everything photographically. I would be happy to design a workshop specifically tailored to your needs. From half-day to day workshops to multi-day photo events. Simply contact me using the form and a great workshop may soon become reality.

Good planning is the basis of exciting image results. Over the past decade I learnt a lot about weather conditions and Central Europe. Meanwhile I can access a location collection of 12,000 spots in Germany – including many exciting places that have not yet been photographed specifically.
So my individual workshops are tailored to the current weather and light conditions. There is no such thing as bad weather! Everything is possible, from joint exploration tours with often surprising results to visiting classic landscape spots. Starting from the low mountain ranges of western Germany – especially the Eifel up to the Lower Rhine – but also in the Weserbergland, Hesse, the Black Forest, the Palatinate Forest, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and along the Baltic Sea I have already photographed a lot. If you are interested in a single or double workshop (on request also up to 4 persons) anywhere in Germany, please write me using the contact form.