Desired date photo workshops in Bavaria

Thank you for your interest in an individually tailored photo workshop with me. Bavaria offers many varied landscapes that I often visit with my camera. I’m looking forward to showing you my favorite motifs and introducing you to my approach to landscape photography. The workshops are designed for optimal supervision of 1-2 people. But upon request, 3-4 participants are also possible.


Individual workshops in Bavaria are currently possible in the following regions: Edge of the Bavarian Alps between Berchtesgaden & Füssen, Bavarian Forest, Bohemian Forest, Upper Palatinate Forest, Franconian Switzerland.


The workshops are aimed at 1-2 people to provide optimal support. Up to 4 people are also possible upon request using the form. The prices for individual and double workshops are given.


Please use the contact form to find a date for these very personal workshops. In principle, my flexible working hours allow me to set up individual workshops all year round, as long as I am in Germany during the corresponding periods. Simply request a date or possible time period for the half-day workshop.

What is the price?

The prices vary slightly depending on the region and how I get there. More detailed information can be found in the respective offers.

Full day workshops?

Basically, these workshops are designed to last around 4 hour blocks, but of course day workshops are also possible. Simply provide a corresponding note in the contact form and I will plan an all-day event.

Exploring Bavaria

Workshops 1:1 or in small groups are the best opportunity to learn intensively and have all your questions answered.

Bavaria is a country of photographic desire. No matter whether it is the rocky peaks of the Alps, the vast forests of the Bavarian Forest or the idyllic valleys of Franconia and the Upper Palatinate. In Bavaria there are almost unlimited opportunities for landscape photographers. My knowledge of the Bavarian photo spots – but also of nature, geographical and cultural-historical past – make an individual workshop an experience. I try to convey how the landscape, but also the weather and light, can be “read”. The information gained in this way opens up new possibilities for photography. Since I come from Bavaria myself and have lived in different regions, workshops in Bavaria are always a matter close to my heart.

Good planning and preparation form the basis of special photographic results. Over the past few years, I have spent several months of my life researching photo spots and dealing with weather conditions and light in my favorite locations. That’s why I can now access a location collection of several thousand spots in Bavaria – including many exciting places that have not yet been photographed specifically. I know a lot of insider tips, especially in the Alpine region and in Eastern Bavaria.

I adapt these individual workshops to the light and weather conditions of the day. Special requests, such as a focus on a specific topic – e.g. forest photography, can also be noted using the forms for the individual workshop regions. Everything is possible, from joint exploration tours with often surprising results to visiting classic landscape spots.