• Purchase images in other formats

The proposed 3:2 formats serve as price guidance. In addition, crops such as 4:3, 5:4 or portrait formats and panoramic cuts are also possible. Please contact me using the fifth option of the contact form for the motifs listed under “Buy pictures”. When it comes to dimensions, internationally common formats in inches are of course also possible. 

  • Purchase images on other materials

In addition to the standard materials, other laminations, prints and framing options are also possible (e.g. wood, Aluminum, Forex, photo print on AluDibond). Of course, various paper prints and fine art prints on papers by Hahnemühle and Epson are also available. Please send me a message using the fifth option on the contact form for the motifs listed under “Buy pictures” or to kilianschoenberger@googlemail.com and I will put together an offer for your individual wishes (dimensions, material). 

  • Purchase images digitally

Do you want to purchase a motif digitally in order to use it commercially, for example on a homepage or in a magazine, or to create a special mural? Contact me via email or contact form. Necessary information are intended use, circulation or duration of use. Use for business or private use. I would be happy to put together an individual offer for your request. 

  • Client login for business clients

Do you work for an editorial team, a publishing house or an agency and want to research Kilian Schönberger’s image database using a search mask? Then contact us using this contact form with information about which client and for what purpose you want to research.  You can find the client login in the top right corner of the page header or in the portfolio section. With client access to the image search, the photos can be filtered by region, subject, season, weather, etc. (some just with German terms – maybe use a translator) To select an image, please click on an image in question; use the “[ i ]” symbol in the lower left corner to get to the image title including the number sequence. Copy these line(s) or make screenshots and send them by email.

  • Purchase images from other portfolios

The images curated for prints can be found under “Buy Images.” You can of course also request all other motifs from my different portfolios by clicking on them in the portfolios. Use the “[i]” symbol in the lower left corner to get to the image title including the individual number sequence. Copy this line. For an individual offer, please send the image title including the number sequence your wishes for image size/ print material by email or contact form. 

Canvas matte
30 x 20 cm 65€ (60$)
45 x 30 cm 100€ (95$)
60 x 40 cm 150€ (140$)
75 x 50 cm 200€ (190$)
90 x 60 cm 250€ (240$)
105 x 70 cm 310€ (295$)
120 x 80 cm 360€ (345$)

Aluminium Dibond
30 x 20 cm 75€ (70$)
45 x 30 cm 115€ (105$)
60 x 40 cm 170€ (160$)
75 x 50 cm 235€ (225$)
90 x 60 cm 305€ (290$)
105 x 70 cm 385€ (370$)
120 x 80 cm 440€ (420$)

Acrylic Glass
30 x 20 cm 90€ (85$)
45 x 30 cm 55€ (145$)
60 x 40 cm 220€ (210$)
75 x 50 cm 305€ (290$)
90 x 60 cm 410€ (390$)
105 x 70 cm 525€ (500$)
120 x 80 cm 625€ (595$)

Acrylic Glass matte
30 x 20 cm 95€ (90$)
45 x 30 cm 175€ (165$)
60 x 40 cm 240€ (230$)
75 x 50 cm 325€ (310$)
90 x 60 cm 450€ (430$)
105 x 70 cm 575€ (550$)
120 x 80 cm 700€ (665$)

All prices above are without vat & shipping. If you request a print per mail I’ll send you a reply with the final fee for photo, print & shipping and then you can decide if you want to pruchase the print.

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