Presentations & multivision shows
Experience Kilian Schönberger’s photography as part of exciting presentations on various topics and regions that are close to Kilian Schönberger’s heart. As a photographic geographer, he not only looks at landscapes from an aesthetic point of view, but also tries to convey the information that lies behind the attractive first impression of a landscape. For Schönberger, a landscape is the sum of the natural and cultural history that has taken place in this place up to the present. The face of the landscape changes over millions of years (e.g. the folding of mountains), millennia (e.g. melting of glaciers after the ice age) down to the smallest units of time (e.g. changes in land use by humans or the death of forests within a few years). The sum of all these processes is the landscape we look at today. There is a lot of information hidden behind the attractive cover. The focus of Kilian Schönberger’s lectures is currently on Central Europe and the Alpine region. A distinction is made between picture lectures and multivision shows. Picture lectures mainly consist of photos in combination with information on a specific topic. In multi-vision shows there is a higher proportion of atmospheric passages, e.g. accompanied by music or possibly with short video clips, etc.
Fee & technical requirements
Please feel free to ask me for a photo presentation, talk or multivision show. Ideally, you have the appropriate space and technical equipment (beamer, screen, microphone). Projector connection via HDMI or USB. For smaller spaces, I can provide the appropriate equipment myself for a small additional fee. The lecture fees depend on the type of presentation (multivision shows are more complex than picture lectures), size and type of event and the travel costs incurred. I would be happy to create an offer tailored to your event. Simply ask me using the contact forms at the specific presentation pages below.