Discover the unique world of Kilian Schönberger, a talented landscape photographer with a special gift. Despite his color blindness (deuteranopia), Kilian has managed to turn his apparent weakness into a creative strength. Through his special ability to recognize patterns and motifs in nature and his enhanced twilight vision, he has developed a distinctive visual language that sets his photographs apart from others.

Be mesmerized by Kilian Schönberger’s stunning murals inspired by the beauty of nature that will bring your spaces to life. With a variety of motifs from forests, mountain landscapes, and exotic islands, his photographs are perfect for adding a special atmosphere to your home or office. Immerse yourself in this fascinating world and experience nature from a new perspective that only Kilian Schönberger can offer you. Visit our gallery and choose your favorite images to purchase them as high-quality wall murals and enrich your rooms with unique art.