Photography from a simple picture to a complete advertising campaign

I specialize in creating spectacular landscape photographs. Through the meticulous planning of light and weather conditions, I succeed impressive shots that stand out positively from the flood of images that surrounds us in everyday life. From the agriculturally used cultural landscape to untouched mountain motifs, everything can be excitingly staged with good preparation. I have extensive experience in the creation of motifs for commercial use, ranging from single motifs, image series to international advertising campaigns.


I will be happy to advise you on individual or group workshops. Whether as a private photo tour or as a teambuilding measure for a company. Contact me and I will present you with a concept of how landscape photography can be an enrichment for various areas of work and life.


Presentations and lectures on landscape photography

You are looking for a lecture on a specific topic, region or varieties of photography. I can give both regional lectures and presentations on landscape photography but also on the approach to certain topics and motifs such as forest photography or the use of telephoto lenses in outdoor photography. From simple presentations in PowerPoint to extensive multivision shows.

Lecture & Motivational Speech ``Photography & Colorblindness``:

At the beginning of my career, I thought my color blindness was a weakness. But I discovered that it gives me a unique perspective on our planet and its landscape. In an exciting lecture, I will go into the challenges I face as a color-blind person and how my photography is affected by it. In addition to exciting and sometimes amusing anecdotes, I touch on the topic of colorblindness and accessibility. In a motivating way I show – not only for companies – how a supposed weakness can be recognized as a strength and how new doors can be opened.



For film and media productions in the Bavarian and adjacent Austrian Alps, in the Dolomites, in Trentino, in Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate. In addition, in terms of nature, landscape and historical spots also the whole of Germany. In my location database there are 12,000, often visually unused entries.


Are you looking for information about landscapes or natural areas, especially special subjects, experiential education or natural, cultural and historical contexts? Contact me, I have now identified dozens of images without detailed information only by visual characteristics and through my meticulous preparation of my photo tours I work very efficiently in finding information on the net.


Photo spots development

You are a tourism association or a municipality and want to strengthen your presence in social media? I will be happy to analyze your region according to photographic and geographical methods to evaluate known photo motifs and discover new opportunities – including special weather conditions. This will help you expand your brand’s reach in the real and virtual world.